Explore Rethymnon

Whether you’re into culture, cuisine, nature or art, Rethymnon has it all. The third largest city of Crete is a fascinating mix of wild beauty, old-world charm, and modern style. And it’s right on Syntopia’s doorstep waiting to be explored.

Start with a visit to the old town, where you can marvel at the medieval and Venetian architecture, pop into a traditional taverna, and wander cobbled alleyways filled with local shops.

Rethymnon’s Venetian harbor, with its Egyptian lighthouse, is also a must-visit. It's one of the most beautiful places you can see in town, and you can combine the scenery with a coffee at one of the seaside cafes just for the atmosphere.

From there, make the short journey to the Fortezza, a 16th-century Venetian fortress that was captured by the Ottomans in 1646. You can't miss it – the Fortezza is visible from nearly every corner of Rethymnon and offers panoramic views of the city and west coast.

Venture outside of town to see the spectacular gorges, mainland villages, and exotic beaches of the Libyan Sea in the south. A hike along Kotsifou Gorge, for example, is a great way to see Crete’s historic sites and natural beauty in a day.

Although you can drive, walking gives you a closer look at the secluded churches, old ruins, and wildlife along the way. At the top of the gorge, a Greek Orthodox chapel overlooks the Kotsifou canyon and is one of Crete’s biggest highlights.

Of course, when you simply want to kick back and cool off at the beach, 12 km of golden coastline stretches along the east side of the city. And don’t worry if you get hungry or thirsty. There are plenty of fantastic beach bars and restaurants just begging to be discovered.




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